Why Professional Installation of Calgary Air Conditioning Units Matters

An air conditioning unit is a big investment; therefore, you want to ensure it is installed properly. An AC unit that is installed according to manufacturer specifications will give you maximum cooling and energy efficiency. When it is not installed properly, you run the risk of multiple problems and possibly even reducing the lifespan of the unit altogether. If you are thinking of installing your AC unit yourself or hiring a general handyman, you may want to think twice and opt for professional installation instead.

Reasons to Have Your Unit Professionally Installed

An air conditioner comes in more than just one size. The unit selected for your home is based on its size, number of windows, direction it faces, etc. The ductwork and the unit are designed to suit your home’s needs. If you are attempting to pick out your own AC unit, you can easily end up miscalculating and get a unit too small or one that is too big. Your unit will then cost you more than necessary to run.

There are five reasons you should leave your installation to the pros:

  1. You will get the right size. If you want to ensure you get a unit that is adequate enough for your home’s unique characteristics, you need a professional for the job.
  2. Installation will be done right the first time. When installation is done by a professional, the ductwork and insulation is assessed and utilized to its fullest.
  3. You will not void the warranty. Most manufacturer warranties require professional installation of their air conditioning units. If you attempt to install it yourself, you could void the warranty and lose coverage.
  4. You can get maximum efficiency. During a professional Calgary air conditioning installation, the technician will test for efficiency and ensure you are receiving the highest rating possible from that unit. Because you are investing so much in the unit itself, this is extremely important.
  5. You save money in the long run. While it may be hard to believe, professional installation actually saves you money. Not only will it save you the cost of buying the tools necessary to install it, but it will ensure your unit functions properly (so you save on energy costs) and it will prevent costly repairs.

Leave your Calgary air conditioning installation to the professionals at Just In Time Furnace. We offer competitive pricing and expert technicians so you get the most for your money. Call us at 403-333-6666 or request your quote online.

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