The Benefits of Efficient Furnaces

People always ask about efficiencies with their home heating and air conditioning system. Translation - how am I going to save more money on my monthly utility costs?

When it comes investing in a large ticket item for your home, like a new furnace, you don’t just want to think about it as a cost, but as an investment where you spend less, use less, and pollute less without giving up the warmth and comfort you’ve come to cherish. At Just in Time Furnace Inc., we live in Calgary too, going through the same difficult and cold winters as our customers, so we know how important it is to keep a home and family warm.

As our energy bills keep rising and the ongoing concerns about the environment have shone the spotlight to the topic of energy efficiency in the past few years, especially when it comes to home heating. We at Just in Time Furnace Inc., take pride with the years of experience our talented staff has for furnace installation, furnace repair, and duct cleaning on furnaces of all types and brands - Napoleon®, Bryant®, American Standard, Frigidaire®, Goodman®, Payne, Philco, Ruud®, and KeepRite®.

The efficiency of your furnace can make a significant difference in your energy bills. If your furnace was purchased or installed in or around 1992, it is probably obsolete. You may think it still functions well, but you’re probably spending upwards to 30 % of your monthly energy costs out the chimney during cold Alberta winters. Not to mention pumping up to four tons of carbon dioxide - the greenhouse gas - into the atmosphere each year. Many furnaces still have a standing pilot light which is another energy cost you can eliminate because most new and more efficient furnaces have an electronic ignition.

The biggest differences between the most expensive and least expensive models boil down to energy efficiency, comfort, and warranties.

Technological advances have improved energy efficiency through the mixing of combustion air with fuel. This technology, which can be explained by any of Just In Time furnace specialists can explain, maximizes heat from the fuel.

Energy-saving furnace features include two-stage furnace gas valves and motors, and electronic pilot and condensing gas furnaces:
• Gas valves have become more sophisticated, where multiple stages of the valves will warm up a furnace (quickly) and then go back to a more economical air flow.
Many also save on the electricity by coupling a sophisticated, programmable thermostat to a variable-speed motor. This system provides quieter and more even and comfortable heat and doesn’t consume power unnecessarily.
• Upgrading a furnace which eliminates a standing pilot, which uses gas when a furnace is dormant, to electronic ignition, which sparks the furnace on demand has also boosts efficiency. Higher-efficiency models are called condensing gas furnaces because they recycle exhaust gases via a heat exchanger to remove heat that’s usually just exhausted outside. Always look for a warranty on the heat exchanger which should be built to resist the effects of moisture and chemical buildup.

Furnace models with the highest efficiency ratings combine efficiency features. Ask your Just in Time Furnace Inc. technician to help you figure the payback regarding energy savings and the features of your home. To check air quality to hot water to gas fittings for your home or business, call Just in Time Furnace Inc. at 403-333-6666 for expert service, great values, and a free quote today.

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