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At Just in Time Furnace Inc., we carry a variety of products that help with your indoor air quality and have the experience to update vents and ductwork, for residential and commercial duct cleaning, and to supply the humidifiers, air cleaners, and air filters you need to improve your indoor air quality. Indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a new branch of chemical and medical science directly related to the presence and accumulation of airborne contaminants including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and pathogenic and/or allergenic microbial species (e.g., fungi, molds, bacteria, and viruses).

These compounds and pathogens enter our homes from sneezing, spores brought into your home by pets, or through open windows and doors. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are released from your carpets, drapes, floors, and household cleaners, wreaking havoc with your family’s immune systems. Furthermore, what may be considered ‘fresh’ outdoor air, in industrialized countries, is contaminated by automotive exhaust and other industrial emissions, in addition to the natural contaminants.

One of the products you will find at Just in Time Furnace Inc. includes, but is not limited to, the Morphic Envirotech 36W – now the Air Sniper following Alpine Innovative Research (A.I.R.) Inc. purchase of Morphic Envirotech in March 2016. A.I.R. Inc.’s products are still proudly designed and built in Canada, and are CSA certified with a five year limited warranty.

The Air Sniper Pro and Air Sniper sterilizers feature near clinical-level cleaning of the air in your home or office by combining Photocatalytic Elements with UV-C (ultraviolet) light. Photocatalysis breaks down organic molecules into carbon dioxide and water, acting like a ‘lighting strike’ on the ‘nano-scale’. With each pass through the duct, more contaminants are killed and the air in your home becomes cleaner.

This Photocatalytic Element, NanocleanTM, is a non-toxic aqueous solution of photocatalyst that forms a permanent coating surface that interacts with UV-C light to destroy odours and microbes (mold, bacteria, and viruses). Units utilize multiple 18W or 36W UVC light bulbs that must be changed every 18 months, just be sure that the unit unplugged before you start.

Air Filtration in Calgary

If you have concerns about your indoor air quality or your filtration system, or your air ducts are clogged with dust and grime, get the best indoor air quality service on the market with Just in Time Furnace Inc. Call 403-333-6666 today for expert service and great values - 24/7 for your convenience in Calgary.

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