Replacing a Hot Water Heater

Home water heaters provide comfort. Based on manufacturer’s suggested service life, a water heater’s life expectancy is about 8 to 12 years. This will vary with local weather conditions, the unit design, quality of installation, and the level of maintenance your unit has received. Here are a few considerations to ensure that your hot water tank is not was left to deteriorate to the point where water damage was caused to their home.

The most common sign that the hot water tank needs to be replaced is leaking. If your tank is leaking from someplace that you cannot find, it is likely that it has deteriorated to the point that water is seeping through a side-wall seam, a welded join, or steel thread has rusted through. This is non-repairable so your tank will need to be replaced.

If you find that your water is not as hot as it used to be - corrosion on the inside of your tank has deteriorated the dip tube, coated your electric elements, or has over-worked the gas valve - you can know your tank is nearing the end of its days. A faulty thermostat may also be the cause. Insulating the hot water pipes can also help. Here are some basic steps to follow when your water is not hot enough:

Electric Water Heater

  • Make sure that the power is connected. Reset or raise the thermostat.
  • Flush the heater to remove sediment from the tank.
  • Replace the heating element or thermostat.

Gas Water Heater

  • Make sure that the gas is connected and the pilot light is lit.
  • Reset or raise the thermostat.
  • Flush the heater to remove sediment from the tank.
  • Clean the gas burner and replace the thermocoupler (a safety device that shuts off the gas automatically if the pilot flame goes out).

Maintenance is key; you should drain your hot water tank at least once a year to remove any sediment that may have settled to the bottom of your tank. When a hot water tank develops a layer of sediment at its bottom, it is both inefficient and damaging, quickly deteriorating the bottom of the tank.

Other concerns indicative that you need to maintain or replace your water heater include leaking pressure-relief valve, leaking water supply pipes, dip tube deterioration, the thermocouple or if the check valve gets stuck.

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