Reduce the Risk of Fires with Proper Vent and Duct Cleaning in Calgary

Canadians love their woolen and fleece clothes as integral components of surviving Canada’s long, cold winters. However, what many Canadians don’t realize is that lint created in the drying process can plug a dryer hose and vent causing excessive heat build-up not only within the vent but also within the drying appliance, creating a situation that could possibly result in a fire. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC™), every year there are over 16,000 preventable fires in North America causing over $100 Million in property damage, and personal injury to over 400 people.

The technicians at Just In Time Furnace Inc understand this, we carry, install, and clean vents and ductwork for residential and commercial buildings as part of our commitment to providing you with a healthy, safe, and energy efficient environment for your home or business. Just in Time Furnace Inc is committed to installing the highest quality vents and ductwork for your system needs, with high ethical standards without hidden fees, and by providing you with the same reliable services we would want for our own families. 

A fire occurs in your ducts or vent when lint or dust collects in the duct and vent of your clothes dryer. Their position behind the dryer and in the wall make them hard to reach leading to all kinds of problems - a blocked vent or exhaust pipe blocks hot air from releasing, turning the highly combustible lint into a fire hazard. The same issue exists for commercial high-rise apartments, condominiums, and town homes with shared facilities. The lint trap only catches 10 percent, the rest continues through and begins to lay in the dryer vent creating a perfect environment for a highly combustible material to start on fire.

There are many things that can result in such a chain of events including lint build-up inside the dryer, a missing or damaged lint screen, a crushed hose behind the dryer, or even a problem with the thermostat and/or limiter switch in the dryer. Early detection of lint build-up can prevent fire from happening; some of the signs that might indicate the dryer vents need to be cleaned are:

  • Clothes are taking a long time to dry or possibly not drying at all
  • Excessive moisture build-up in your laundry room resulting in a high level in condensation (water dripping from your walls).

Cleaning your vents and ducts will also improve airflow and keep your dryer at peak efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Elimination of fire hazard
  • Clothes dry in less time
  • Dryer lasts longer 
  • Save money on energy bills

Furnace and Duct Cleaning Calgary
Just In Time Furnace Inc recommends an annual furnace and duct cleaning for your commercial resident’s safety. If you have questions about your dryer vent or on any of our services for your home or business, call Just in Time Furnace Inc at 403-333-6666 today for expert service and great values or request a free quote using our handy contact form.

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