Prepare Your Calgary AC for the Summer

Summer's heat is here, but before you turn up the air conditioner (AC) having sat idle all winter long, take a few moments to ensure it’s in good working order with some annual maintenance.

A central air-conditioning system employs two main components: a condenser unit, which is typically located outdoors, and an evaporator unit mounted on the air handler or furnace. Together these extract heat from room air through refrigeration technology. 

While repairing a central air conditioner’s sealed refrigeration system is not a do-it-yourself job, there are certain cleaning and maintenance tasks you can do to ensure efficient operation. Always remember to be safety minded and turn off the electrical circuit breaker before working on the AC system.

One of the easiest and simplest – but most important – tasks is replacing the filter. This is followed by removing the condenser cover or tarp that prevents the accumulation of debris inside it as well as cleaning leaves and debris that may have gotten into this the outdoor condenser unit –that large fan in a metal box with sides that look like grilles. Cut and remove any weeds, vines or branches that may obstruct airflow through the condenser unit. Check the coolant lines for signs of damage, leaks, and if there are areas where the insulation is frayed or missing, replace it.

Finally, test it. If you’ve hosed down the unit to clean it, allow the unit to dry thoroughly and then turn the power to the condenser back on by doing the following: first, turn the thermostat in your home to OFF. Then turn on the power at both the disconnect box and at the main panel. Lastly, switch the thermostat to COOL. After the first few minutes, you should feel cool air coming out of the registers. If no air is coming out, or if the air coming out does not feel cool, then something is wrong and you should immediately turn the system off at the thermostat. Go through your check list one more time and then try it again. If the problem persists, turn the system off and call Just In Time Furnace Inc. in Calgary to diagnose the problem.

A brief AC inspection now and a bit of maintenance could help keep your system running worry free through the heat of the summer and fall – especially for older systems. If this is ‘not your thing’ then the cost of a seasonal tune-up is a minimal investment that can prolong the life of your system when performed regularly.

AC Installation in Calgary
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