Patio Heaters in Calgary

Our climate is changing – creating warmer or cooler days at varying times of the year – and changing the ways and opportunities we have of enjoying our outdoor spaces. Coupled with the latest technology, today your outdoor space can be as comfortable as your indoor space. At Just in Time Furnace, our licensed HVAC custom gas fitting technicians can help bring heat to your patio, gas to your barbecue or outdoor range and more.

Natural gas is more convenient than ever thanks to quick-connect outlets. An outdoor quick-connect outlet has a long, flexible hose that gives you the freedom to move your barbecue while increasing safety - quick-connect outlets won’t let you turn on the gas until you’ve connected your barbecue or patio heater correctly. 

Natural gas barbecues make year-round grilling worry free – they’re ready at a moment’s notice, with no tanks to carry or time spent waiting for charcoal to heat up. To get the most out of your outdoor grill, here are a few tips, features, and benefits to look for: 

  • Barbecues come in many models and sizes with an average family of four requiring about 400 square inches of primary grilling surface; 
  • Select an electronic ignition for easy lighting with multiple burners with individual controls, allowing you to cook different foods at the same time; 
  • A drainage system will get rid of drippings to avoid flare-ups; and, 
  • Look for added touches like ceramic rear burners, warming racks, kabob cookers, or a rotisserie.

A patio heater is great way of extending the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. To help you decide on the best patio heater for your needs, consider the following options:
  • Natural gas is generally used for permanent, stationary heaters and are advantageous because they hook up to your natural gas line without the need to replaced or refilled fuel tanks;
  • Patio heaters usually have several different settings and are rated in British Thermal Units (BTUs) - a 45,000 BTU heater will produce a six metre heat diameter – and some units even have a thermometer making them easy to regulate and for safety, when they reach the set temperature, most will shut themselves off; and,
  • A natural gas patio heater produces less greenhouse gas than propane, is safer for wooden decks than fire pits, and allows you to use your patio longer in the evening and later in the year. 

For your safety, whether you are using a gas barbeque or patio heater always read the manufacturer’s operational instructions and follow all precautions they advise.

At Just in Time Furnace, we specialize in above and below ground gas line hookups for ranges, BBQs, fireplaces, unit heaters, patio heaters and more. Like our furnace and AC installation and service, we guarantee our work. Fill out our form for a free quote or call us at 403-333-6666 for more information today.
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