Maintain your Calgary Furnace by Summer Cleaning

The harsh cold of winter is leaving us - finally. Yet before you completely forget winter, our experts at Just In Time Furnace offer this gentle reminder - Alberta winter weather calls for regular furnace cleaning, which can serve to improve quality of air, lower energy bills, and extend the life of your HVAC system - now is the time to get your furnace ready for summer, and next winter.

Servicing your heating equipment at least once a year could reduce your fuel bill, and could save you the discomfort and expense of equipment breakdowns during the next winter heating season. It could also save your life. Carbon monoxide poisoning and fires associated with malfunctioning furnaces take many lives each year.

Systems vary from one manufacturer to the next so consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions, and consider these tips so your heating system will be in top shape when you turn it on next fall:

  • Inspect heating ducts at the end of winter for leaks, and repair them with a quality duct tape.
  • Inspect chimneys, flues, and flashing for loose bricks and mortar, cracked linings and leaks, promptly repairing damage ensures your family’s safety.

Once the external inspection is complete, it’s time to turn your attention to the furnace itself:

  • Start by cleaning or changing the furnace filter. Keeping clean filters in your furnace will pay off in fuel savings. Check furnace filters every two months during the heating season, and put a fresh one in now so your furnace will be ready to run in the fall.
  • Check the exhaust vent and clear any obstructions. Inspect the blower motor with the power off. If the owner’s manual calls for it, oil the motor. Inspect the V-belt and pulleys for wear, and adjust the belt if it moves more than an inch. 
  • Clean accumulated dirt from the furnace and around it. Dust on radiators, baseboard heating units or in ducts acts as an insulation and can waste heat. Vacuum them regularly.
  • Never store or stack anything around or on your furnace. Keep the thermostat clean. Have your system checked periodically by a heating professional.

And remember, safety first - always cut power to the heating system before you start maintenance work. If you doubt your ability to safely perform these tasks, call a professional.

Calgary Furnace Cleaning

If you have concerns about your furnace, or require professional furnace cleaning in Calgary, call Just In Time Furnace Inc. today at 403-333-6666, and ask for a free estimate. Our highly trained technicians work and products are guaranteed and your furnace will last longer, and so will your good health.

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