How Routine Air Conditioning Maintenance Saves You on Repair Costs

It may seem counterproductive to spend money to save money, but when it comes to your air conditioning unit, you can save if you opt for professional maintenance each year. Professional maintenance can help you get more out of your unit and lower your repair costs. More importantly, it can help you preserve the manufacturer warranty for your air conditioning in Calgary.

5 Ways Routine Maintenance on Calgary Air Conditioning Units Helps You Save

Emergency air conditioning repairs are costly, but the cost of a routine tune-up appointment is surprisingly affordable. Just five ways you can save by getting a routine appointment include:

  1. Filter changes.The air conditioner’s filter must be clean. A dirty or clogged filter will force your unit to work harder and wear down faster, or possibly malfunction altogether. During a routine service appointment, this filter will be checked, cleaned or replaced.
  2. Evaporator drain checks. Your evaporator’s drain line can easily become clogged and cause a leak or malfunction. During a tune-up, this is cleaned out and inspected to ensure it is working properly.
  3. Refrigerant levels. Low refrigerant causes malfunctions and can occur when you have a leak. Without refrigerant, your unit will be unable to cool.
  4. Thermostat check. Sometimes it is not the unit; it is the thermostat. By having a properly operating thermostat, you can ensure your unit is maintaining the desired temperature and working as efficiently as possible. During a tune-up appointment, the technician will review the thermostat and ensure it is working as it should.
  5. Removing debris. Any type of debris that becomes lodged inside your air conditioning unit can force it to breakdown. By having this removed and cleaned, you can ensure you will not have an emergency repair on your hands.

Just In Time Furnace in Calgary, Alberta offers routine maintenance for air conditioning in Calgary. Our seasonal tune-ups are affordable and help your unit not only work great, but keep up the manufacturer warranty requirements.

Contact us today to learn more about our tune-up services or to schedule your appointment. Call us at 403-333-6666 or request your quote online.

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