Hot water heaters Calgary

Hot Water Heaters In Calgary

If you’re a regular reader of Just In Time Furnace Inc.’s blogs, then you know how important regular inspections and maintenance of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is, but when was the last time you thought about your hot water heater. Even if you’ve experienced a hot water tank failure – with those multitude of litres of water spilling out across your home – chances are that once it was replaced and everything was dried out and repaired, your hot water heater was once again out of your thoughts, and most likely you’re amongst the majority of Albertans.

What most consumers don’t realize is that manufacturers recommend getting your water heater flushed annually. The question is, what does “flushed” really mean? When a service technician “flushes” a water heater, a hose is attached to your hot water tank drain to be emptied into an approved drain, and then fills the tank back up with water. The process, clears out sediment and other buildup inside the tank and provide a clean and clear surface for heating water. By having a service technician tackle this task, they will clean and inspect rods, ventilation, and other important parts too.

The need for flushing depends on water quality and region - the harder the water, the more likely you’ll need a more frequent flush. Water hardness is caused by calcium and magnesium in the ground and surface water. If either of these minerals are present in your drinking water in high concentrations, the water is considered hard. According to the City of Calgary website, the hardness of Calgary’s water varies seasonally and by location but generally falls into the hard category with Concentration of Calcium Carbonate (mg/L) from 150 to <300. The result of hard water is difficulty making lather or suds for washing and a buildup of minerals on taps and other fixtures – including inside your water heater.

The problem becomes sediment (loose minerals that sink to the bottom) builds up in the tank, and that insulates it from the flames on the bottom of the tank that heat the water.

Though tankless water heaters don’t hold the large amount of water typically found in traditional tanks, the pipes and interior parts still require cleaning and maintenance. This can cause:

  • Slows heat transfer, causing your water heater to overheat, which deteriorates the tank
  • Lowers the energy efficiency of the tank, increasing your energy bills
  • Causes annoying loud noises because water gets under the sediment and turns into steam bubbles that violently collapse, causing a crackling noise
  • Prevents the water heater from heating properly, allowing bacteria to grow in the tank
  • Takes up space in the water heater, preventing your water heater from fully filling up with hot water for you to use.

Hot Water Heaters Calgary

At Just In Time Furnace Inc. we’ve been servicing and installing both tank and tankless hot water heater models available from brands like Navien, Rheem®, and Rinnai® for years. And like many of the “experts” and most manufacturers, we agree that it’s a good idea to have your system professionally inspected, cleaned, and serviced once a year in order to ensure it operates at peak energy efficiency. Our services technicians do the job right, with high ethical standards, no hidden fees, and using the best quality parts and equipment to ensure you have the hot water services you need.

If you have hot water questions about your home or business, call Just in Time Furnace Inc. at 403-333-6666 today for expert service, great values, and to request your free quote.
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