High Efficiency Furnaces & Calgary Installation

If you are in need of a heating system upgrade, a high-efficiency furnace may be the solution to greater efficiency, and lower energy consumption in the future. Today’s high-efficiency furnaces consume at least 30 percent less fuel than older furnaces.

At Just In Time Furnace Inc we replace, repair, and clean furnaces for both homes and business throughout Calgary. The greater the efficient of your furnace, the lower your heating bill, but there are also other benefits including:

  • New furnaces have a higher percentage annual fuel-utilization-efficiency (AFUE) rating, which they produce more even heating and maintain their temperature at more constant level;
  • High efficiency furnaces offer the best economy for our Canadian winters, and while they initially cost more, they pay for themselves through lower energy bills over time;
  • Operating noise of new models are much lower than that of older furnace models; and
  • Just in Time offers top furnace brands like Bryant®, Goodman®, American Standard, Payne, as well as others and we calculate the best furnace for your needs based on your home or business size and other factors.

However, simply owning a high-efficiency furnace is not enough. You should also ensure that your home is properly insulated, and your windows are upgraded also. Changing or upgrading just a single system, without considering the other factors, will provide some savings improvement but may not deliver the maximum possible benefit.

A Home Energy Audit - including overall insulation, heat loss around door and windows, integrity of ductwork, use of passive solar energy, and the overall efficiency of your heating and cooling systems - will give you a benchmark from which to make your decision and to measure your energy-saving progress.

When buying a new efficient heating or cooling system, remember to check for any existing available tax credits or rebates. Additionally, regular furnace cleanings and maintenance will keep your furnace running at peak efficiency, reduce the unit’s fuel consumption, and helps ensure that carbon monoxide does not leak into your home. Fall is the best time to perform regular furnace maintenance.

Furnace Installation in Calgary
When it comes to high-efficiency furnace installation, Calgary homeowners have learned to trust Just in Time Furnace Inc. for all of their furnace and comfort system needs. Our certified gasfitters do all the work themselves. We’re on call 24/7 to service your furnace or air system, and we also guarantee all our products and services. If you have questions about a high-efficiency heating system for your home, call Just in Time Furnace Inc. at 403-333-6666 today for expert service and great values in Calgary.

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