Get Ready for Winter – Prepare Your Home’s Furnace

Winter is almost here, which means icy temperatures outside and your furnace working hard day and night to keep you warm inside. To make the season easier on your heating system, prepare it for winter by having it cleaned out and tuned up. Consider having your ducts cleaned too so that you are not breathing allergens and contaminants that will circulate through the vents as you operate your furnace through the winter months.

Why Clean Furnaces and Ductwork Before Winter?

By preparing in the fall, you can ensure lower heating costs and more efficiency in the winter. Two of the most important preparation tasks you need to complete before winter involve cleaning. Over the year, a large amount of dust and other contaminants have had the opportunity to sit in your Calgary home’s ductwork and inside your furnace. Before using the ducts to circulate heat, you should have them cleaned by professionals who have the right equipment and training for the job.

Here are the key benefits of cleaning your furnace and ducts:

  1. Improved air quality. Low indoor air quality becomes a big concern when you are cooped up inside your home. Poor quality air can lead to asthma and allergy complications, eye irritations, and even disrupt your sleep. If your furnace is blowing pollen, dust and dander around, it can drastically lower your indoor air quality.
  2. Improved heating efficiency. Even with the latest model, you could be reducing your furnace’s heating efficiency when you allow it to run dirty. Also, by forcing your unit to work harder, you are straining the system and possibly reducing the unit’s lifespan as well as increasing the likelihood of a costly repair job in the future.
  3. Cheaper heating costs. While you will invest in a professional cleaning now, the amount of money you save each month through the winter will pay for the cost of cleaning out your ductwork and furnace. That is because the less your furnace has to work and the faster it heats, the less you pay on energy bills.

By having a professional come out to your home for cleaning your furnace before winter, you can also have the unit inspected for any potential problems. The technician will inspect your pilot light, gas valves, thermostat, electrical work, thermocouple and switches to make sure your furnace is working as it should.

Just In Time Furnace offers ductwork and furnace cleaning. If you are working to get your home ready for winter, do not forget this critical home maintenance step. Our team can also repair furnaces in Calgary year-round, ensuring that you and your loved ones are not out in the cold when you most need to be cozy and comfortable.

Contact us today to learn more about our furnace maintenance and ductwork cleaning services or to schedule your appointment. Call us at 403-333-6666 or request a quote online.

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