Furnace Maintenance Saves You Money

Your furnace is much like your car and it needs regular maintenance in order to operate at its best. Part of that maintenance involves scheduling seasonal tune-ups. Doing so can save you money and also ensure that the furnace you paid for is

operating at maximum efficiency.

Does a Tune-Up Really Save Me Money?

Furnaces in Calgary take quite a hit during the winter months. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to be running all day, every day as the cold weather takes over. Proper maintenance is not just a quick recommendation from the manufacturer; it really does save you money and helps maximize your investment.

Here are some ways a tune-up and routine maintenance can help you save:

  • It preserves the manufacturer warranty. Your furnace manufacturer has strict requirements for professional maintenance. Some require seasonal tune-up, while others require manual checks at set intervals. Regardless, failing to perform that required maintenance task could result in a voided warranty; which means that repairs in the future are done at your own expense. Review your manufacturer’s warranty for recommended maintenance and do what you can to preserve it.
  • It maintains your furnace’s energy efficiency. A furnace is made up of dozens of critical components and each of those components must be cleaned and tuned-up professionally each year. Failing to do so can decrease the energy efficiency of your unit, increasing your heating costs as a result.
  • It will prevent costly breakdowns and can extend your furnace’s lifespan. Most importantly, regular maintenance and tune-ups prevent an unexpected breakdown, which means you do not have to worry about performing a repair at an inconvenient time at an inflated rate. Also, by following the maintenance requirements for your furnace, you can prolong its life as much as possible, thus decreasing the likelihood of having to replace it earlier than necessary.
  • It keeps you safe. Your furnace must burn fuel in order to produce heat. Using a combustion process, all it takes is one small issue to allow dangerous, harmful fumes to enter into your home. Furnace maintenance and tune-ups catch these potential issues and keep you safe.
  • It maintains airflow. During the tune-up process, a technician checks your furnace to ensure it is receiving proper airflow. Any restrictions or limitations to airflow can cause unnecessary strain on your furnace and lead to a shortened lifespan.

Just In Time Furnace tunes and repairs Calgary furnaces year-round. Whether you are in need of routine tune-ups and maintenance or you have a repair requirement, our technicians will ensure you stay comfortable this winter.

Contact us today to schedule your annual tune-up or to inquire about a furnace repair. Call us at 403-333-6666 or request a quote online.

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