Digital Thermostats in Calgary at Just in Time Furnace Inc

Technology is everywhere these days and increasingly it’s becoming an integral part of our home appliances as well. When it comes to controlling heating and air conditioning in your home or business, thermostats are also experiencing the digital revolution.

While manual thermostats still exist, programmable thermostats have special features that increase convenience, comfort, and energy efficiency with the latest version of Smart/WiFi thermostats taking it to the next level. 

Just in Time Furnace Inc carries a wide selection of state-of-the-art thermostats with features ranging from simple up and down temperature buttons to more advanced models with seven-day programming and colour displays. Residential and commercial thermostat manufacturers carried by Just in Time Furnace Inc include these leading brands for Calgary properties: Napoleon®, Bryant®, American Standard, Frigidaire®, Goodman®, Payne, Philco, Ruud®, and KeepRite®. The right thermostat ensures your heating and cooling system runs efficiently, providing comfort at the touch of a button.

While higher-end brands and models with expanded features are a bigger investment up front, programmable thermostats do have the potential to save the homeowner money. The secret is in how you use them.

With proper use, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) suggests that consumers installing a programmable thermostat can save anywhere from 10 to 30 percent on the space heating and cooling portion of their energy bills – so long as they are properly and optimally used. Other studies have shown lower savings, while in Florida where it’s warm year-round, consumption actually rose because even though occupants do use less energy when they are away or sleeping, they tend to use more when they are at home.

According to Energy Star, about 45 percent of a home’s energy is utilized for heating and cooling – including unoccupied spaces. The presets for occupied and unoccupied rooms need to be set and then left to save money. Turning your thermostat down at night while you’re sleeping or during the day when no one is home provides further savings. The defining elements of success seem to be attitude and consistency.

Today’s Smart/WiFi thermostats allow consumers to set their level of energy efficiency by controlling the temperature anywhere with your computer, tablet or smartphone. They have also been designed to work with a variety of HVAC systems, including 1 Stage, 2 Stage, Direct Line Voltage, 24mV, or Zone heating and cooling to ensure compatibility.

Calgary Thermostats
If you have questions or are considering upgrading to a programmable or Smart/WiFi thermostat, contact Just in Time Furnace Inc at 403-333-6666 or email us at today to explore your options and budget. Our convenient location and dedication to customer satisfaction ensure you will get the quality HVAC services you need throughout Alberta.

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